Repair, Recover, Rejuvenate.

FLOWpresso™ system is a breakthrough non-invasive natural therapy that delivers a 3-in-1sensory treatment to enhance physical and mental wellbeing and restore balance.


FLOWpresso works wonders in many ways for all types of people.  Providing a unique therapy that encourages the body to release toxins and promotes the body's self healing mechanisms.  The non-invasive therapy uses a combination of compression, far infrared heat and deep pressure simultaneously to encourage the body’s inner systems to activate.

Here is how the FLOWpresso works:

Delivering a cyclic compression to different areas of the body. Each chamber inflates sequentially, before its predecessor completely deflates.  Compression allows the body to change the way it moves, encouraging the body to release toxins.


​Far-infrared heat to each of the four sections of the garment to encourage a relaxing, sleep promoting effect along with encouraging an improved state of health.​​  The far infrared heat embraces the body with a gentle, healing warmth which allows the body to rest, and relax, in such a way that helps restore balance.

Deep pressure therapy is applied to the body - similar too a hug - through each individual chamber, serving a profoundly relaxing effect, allowing the body to calm and release the daily stress of life​.​

FLOWpresso Benefits

With no two humans the same, there is an inability to describe exactly how FLOWpresso can help you.

However, feedback from current FLOWpresso clients and health professionals, indicate that FLOWpresso has the ability to:

  •  Promote relaxation;

  •  Improve energy;

  •  Support stress management;

  •  Improve recovery in health and sport;

  •  Improve endurance in sport;

  •  Promote sleep management;

  •  Promote weight loss;

  •  Improve general mobility;

  •  Encourage regulation and balance to enhance  the natural healing state of the body.

The FLOW experience.

The FLOWpresso experience is like no other, an explanation on what to expect has been included to enlighten those that are interested. You are fully clothed at all times, and will be assisted by a trained technician who puts you into the suit. Whilst lying horizontally, your feet, legs, abdomen and arms are enclosed by the suit. You’re given an eye mask to enhance the relaxing experience, which lasts for forty minutes. We have found that this timeframe gives your body, and the suit the best opportunity to work it’s magic on you. The three types of therapy are activated during your time in the suit, working to give you the benefits it has access to.


The FLOWpresso experience is slightly different for every individual. Whilst some say it helps them feel light and refreshed, others say it leaves them de-stressed, rested and more in-tune with their body.


Side effects/Contraindications

The side effects of FLOWpresso are very similar to a massage or lymphatic therapy e.g increased urination, bowel motion and a headache. We do suggest you drink 1 glass of water prior to the session in order to get the optimal from this therapy. It is also important with post therapy to reduce chances of detoxification symptoms.



FLOWpresso is contraindicated for:

  • Heart disease, especially if increased blood flow is detrimental, e.g. congestive heart failure or high blood pressure

  • Pregnancy

  • Acute infection of the affected limb e.g. cellulitis

  • Acute/Chronic Bronchitis

  • Deep Vein Thrombosis, DVT

  • Fractures

  • Electronic medical implants