Consultation with
Dr Ally

Dr Ally believes that self healing is something we all have within us, every cell has the wisdom to heal, sometimes we just need a little help to reignite it. Dr Ally has educated herself on the skills needed to help people physically, chemically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually gain charge of that self healing once again. 

Dr Ally has an appetite for knowledge and research regarding Cellular Biology (Epigenetics), along with how we, as individuals, store trauma in our bodies.  Stored trauma can elicit cell danger responses, disrupt immune, hormone and lymphatic regulation.  With the help of the FLOWpresso, and other skills noted below, she helps to encourage the body and mind to release trauma and return to homeostasis.


Dr Ally helps individuals with chronic conditions, autoimmune disorders, pain, PSTD, anxiety, depression and hormonal issues using a combination of FLOWpresso and other healing practices which can consist of:


Applied Kinesiology,

Functional Medicine Protocols,

Neuro-Emotional Technique,

First Light Flower Remedies,

Emotional Freedom Techniques (Tapping) & some tools from Energy Medicine.

Therapy Session


Every time I've been in the FLOWpresso I have gone into a deep state of letting go, relaxation and often sleep.  It is incredibly therapeutic for me.  The process is facilitated by Dr Ally, who is an incredibly kind and empathetic practitioner who quickly understands my place of being.  She manages to know exactly what I need and guides me towards deep and beneficial relaxation with a tapping practice beforehand.  She is very astute with an incredible skill set so always has something wonderful to offer me.  Can totally recommend the whole experience.

Sandy, Tauranga