Desiree De Spong

Founder. Director. Practitioner


Desiree De Spong is in her second decade of working in holistic medicine and education. Originally coming from a background in finance/training and IT, Desiree changed her direction in 1999 to broaden her knowledge, before settling into the area of lymphology.  Completing her studies in Adult Teaching, Desiree developed classes in Lymphatic Enhancement Therapy and has been teaching in New Zealand, Australia and the United States since 2009.

Desiree extended her role in the health field, and became involved in research and development. Desiree was awarded a research fellowship with Flinders University in Adelaide, and completed a trial alongside Professor Neil Pillar. The trial into the benefits of the mild frequency vibration that patients clinically diagnosed with arm lymphoedema, secondary to breast cancer surgery in November 2010.  In 2018, Desiree also received a grant with ethics approval, to study the effects of vibrational technology on arthritis. 


Working in the lymphology field, Desiree has had the opportunity to work with many health conditions and has had successful results with health issues ranging from lymphoedema, digestive issues to auto-immune conditions and has been working alongside health professionals to promote lymphatic therapy.  Desiree has extended her role by becoming involved in research, which included receiving a grant and obtaining ethics approval to study the effects of a technology on arthritis. 


Desiree is passionate to continue her research in the area of lymphology, both in manual applications and technology so as to show its potential in managing often crippling conditions.  Over the last two years Desiree has been involved in the development of the technology FLOWpresso which was launched into the United States, New Zealand and Europe in February 2020.  Desiree holds the position of Clinical Director for Medella Health Ltd.​