Corporate Services

Supporting the Health and Wellness of Staff 

We can offer individualised corporate packages based on your needs, call us today on 0800 450 674 or email for more information.

FLOWpresso Individual Sessions

For smaller businesses we provide individual staff packages that allow the Company to send staff directly to our Clinic.  This can provide a neutral setting for someone who is finding their work environment stressful. Staff are able to book their individual sessions on-line, via our booking system.  Depending on the corporate package chosen, we charge directly back to the Company.


A minimum of three sessions is suggested to receive the full benefits.


FLOWpresso & Heart Rate Variability Testing

Assessment is a crucial element to fully understanding the effects that "stress' is having on the body, and for measuring therapy results. At Aetiology Clinic we use the Nerve Express to measure the response of the Autonomic Nervous System (Sympathetic/Parasympathetic response).  We can offer this test pre and post the FLOWpresso sessions so you, and your staff, can measure the changes.  

Read More on Nerve Express


FLOWpresso On-Site

A Company may find it more beneficial to provide a service onsite. Having a FLOWpresso technician come to the work site is often more convenient for employees and employers.  This option is time-saving, and less disruptive to one's day. It also supports further engagment with the therapy as it becomes more accessible. A technician can provide up to seven (7) sessions in a day.