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Our Philosophy

A few fundamental observations lie at the heart of our philosophy- the human body, in most cases, has an innate ability to heal itself when shown what "normal" is; the emotional and energetic state's matter; along with quality sleep and regulating our stress response, provides the foundation for how we can improve our health and stress management. 

We want you to be the best version of  YOU!

There is no greater honour or priviledge than facilitating the process of healing for someone.  At Aetiology Clinic we facilitate this process by providing you with therapy that reduces stress and fatigue, and improves the function of the lymphatic system (your immunity). 


The FLOWpresso® system is a breakthrough, non-invasive, natural therapy that delivers a 3-in-1 sensory treatment via an innovative bodysuit.

FLOWpresso® helps to restore the natural biological balance allowing you to repair, recover and rejuvenate, enhancing your mental and physical well-being.




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Success Stories

Their is no greater honour or priviledge then facilitating the process of healing for someone.

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4/144 Third Avenue, off Glasgow Street
Tauranga, NZ 3110
Tel: 0800 459 674

"For the last 3 year we had been trying to find help for my CFS. I only made it to school for two half days a week and couldn't get out of bed most days. I had to give up all my sports and spent no time with my friends.  It was recommended that we try FLOW (or the Moon suit as I called it).  It was truly amazing as after six sessions I am back to school nearly full time, playing with my friends every weekend and I have picked up some of my old sports.  After each session we started to notice bigger and bigger changes in my energy, sleep and recovery.  Each session saw me getting closer to the life I had before being diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue."

Leighton, Tauranga, 11 years old

“I would like to commend the team from FLOWpresso for the ability to support members that I work alongside of. Giving them the experience to bring sense and understanding to how their bodies hold so much “experience” but have not always had a toolkit to release and restore. Now they have! Many of the staff have feedback the change in their relationship with themselves/families and their energy and feel much more positive at work. It’s truly given individuals permission to find stillness in their otherwise unpredictable day.”

Jenni-Lee Reardon 

“FLOWpresso is a game changer in terms of one’s ability to recover both mentally and physically. As a shift worker I often had broken or irregular sleep patterns. While I had no issue getting to sleep, I often had difficulty staying asleep for a period that would equate to an adequate sleep. Over the years, this became the accepted ‘normal’. My introduction to FLOWpresso had a near immediate impact on my ability to get a long and uninterrupted sleep which has had an impact on my health. I feel I have more energy, a better ability to ‘reset’ and recover from stress (mental and physical) which makes me more productive in my professional and personal life.”

Logan, Tauranga