About Lymphstar Products

The Lymphstar Pro/Fusion® was developed and designed by Arcturus Star Products, Colorado, USA.  This machine evolved out of a decade of company research, technological and design improvements.  Currently this unit is still hand made in the United States to maintain its integrity and reliability.


Technical Information on the Lymphstar Line and Arcstar Med Devices

The Lymphstar Pro® is a therapeutic, vibrational, massage instrument with a unique combination of energetic modalities.  They are:

1) Physical vibration with sonic, or acoustic waves – The pulsating sounds that are heard coming out of the control unit and from the therapy heads are the sonic or acoustic waves. The therapy heads of the Lymphstar Pro® deliver these vibrations through the surface of the Pyrex glass emitters within the heads. This acoustic wave-front delivers thousands of micro-pulsations into the skin and creates a gentle, pulsing pressure. If is specifically engineered to replicate the type of motion used in manual lymph drainage but with an extremely rapid sequence of pulses that cannot be done by hand.

2) Electro-static field – Vibrational energy is further transmitted through a mild electro-static energy field that impinges on the skin of the user and is transmitted through the glass tube as well. This allows dilation of the vessels via the sympathetic nerves to establish a current flow, from arteriole to plasma fluid to lymph vessel. The use of noble gas-filled tubes for this purpose is a safe and time tested-technology, long being used for its dermatological effects in cosmetic devices. We are applying this electro-static energy in a new manner with the Lymphstar Pro® by combining it with acoustic vibrations.

3) Electro-pressure – created by using multiple treatment points. This is achieved by using multiple treatment points and our pulse-rate controller. By placing two treatment heads at different locations on the body, you generate a “field effect” over the entire area between the heads. We call this effect electro-pressure. With thousands of micro-pulsations vibrating at two locations at the same time, the response is to elicit a wider stimulation of flow within the lymphatic system. You can vary this pressure by changing the pulse-rate and/or the intensity dial.

The use of the Lymphstar Pro® in lymphatic therapies is based on the thesis that protein interactions are primarily electrical. Protein structure in living, healthy tissue is always in a state of alignment. This is most evident in the connective tissue that holds the body together where the alignment of collagen is stable. However, these protein structures break down as cells die or are damaged. It is these waste proteins that are removed by the lymph system. When these proteins are not fully removed, by the lymphatic system, pathologies occur in the body. These nonfunctional proteins have the same electrical properties of attraction, but as they organise, their structures are random. This is called fibrotic condition of the interstitium (the area between living cells in the connective tissue). The instability of nonfunctional proteins causes them to attract water and hold it by electrical bonding.  This is oedema.  The Lymphstar Pro® creates separation of these randomly bonded proteins by presenting a flood of electrons to these protein structures, which stimulates the release of the water they are holding.

All of these emissions are extremely low in energy so they are gentle and safe. Subtle energies like these may be called “vibrational energy” as they are at a level more perceptible to the energy system, or bio-field, than more aggressive modalities used to treat the body. This innovative technology provides lymph stimulation as a stand-alone therapy or it may be combined with manual stimulation techniques for a new, highly effective modality called LET.

We are the New Zealand and Australasian distributor of the Lymphstar Pro/Fusion®.  For further information please contact Desiree on 0800 459 674 or refer to the Arcturus Star Website