Desiree originally developed the Lymphatic Enhancement Technology (LET) training programs and is a accredited International Trainer.  Desiree completed her Adult Learning and Teaching at the Bay of Plenty Polytechnic, Tauranga, NZ and now runs regular training seminars in both the USA and New Zealand.

Please find listed below course details for each course available.

USA Course Details:

We are proud to announce our Aetiology Lymphatic Academy in America. We are regularly expanding on new techniques and researching new technology to provide unique ways to work with the lymphatic system.  For more course dates and information, please click here



Student Feedback:

After taking the course in NY from Desiree, I was impressed with her knowledge of the lymphatic system.  Her presentation and diagrams give me much better understanding of how the lymphatic works.  As a certified lymphedema physical therapist working with Breast Cancer patients her course has me incorporating her skills into my practice.  I feel that complimenting the use of the Lymphstar Pro could also improve the results from my treatments.  I am excited and look forward to future courses with Desiree. Marcy McCaw  BPE BScPT CLT, PA, USA

“Very, very well done, amazing experience, learned so much”. Nan Nathenson, Respiratory Therapy Education Coordinator,Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital

“Hands on technique are imperative in teaching therapists. Desiree has well thought out, organised material and teaching skills are great”. Julie Carpenter, PT, Cortez, Colorado

Desiree has a fantastic teaching style.  Her course content is well laid out. Very hands on with great descriptions together with diagrams. I am a very visual person and like to read, see, then do. This supported my learning style. Desiree has a great passion and understanding of the lymphatic system and this enthusiasm flows into her teaching. Thanks Desiree. Raewyn Wallace, Hamilton, New Zealand  (RMT,  Certified Lymphatic Enhancement Practitioner)


For a preview of the video for the LET Introduction – Level I – Click Here