Weight Issues

Time and time again we are seeing new ‘diets’ being advertised and yet so often no matter how hard some people try they cannot seem to reduce their weight despite a structured diet and exercise plan.

It is documented that your blood capillaries leak large proteins into the tissue spaces at about 0.1% every hour.  At the end of the day this makes about 100 grams of lost protein in the tissue, which is almost half of the quantity of protein circulating the blood. Ironically the lymphatic system is the only system that can recuperate these proteins. It is also documented that excess protein, remaining in the interstitial area, will attract water thus creating oedema.

Based on this theory could the weight issue be a fluid issue due to the large amounts of protein within the tissue spaces attracting fluid?  Therefore if we take this a step further could that then mean that the problem is with the lymphatic system and its inability to recuperate those lost proteins.

Here are the signs that your weight may be lymphatic based:

  • Always fluidy e.g swollen ankles, hands etc
  • You hold a lot of fluid just below the rib cage/stomach area or sometimes so lovingly put as the muffin!
  • You exercise a lot, eat well but still do not lose weight.

Lymphatic Enhancement Therapy

LET (lymphatic drainage) assists the client by improving lymphatic function as well as the elimination processes of the body e.g kidneys/bowel etc whilst educating the client in self care.  This form of therapy for weight loss is focussing on a lifestyle change that brings overall health and wellbeing and is a fantastic adjunct to any weight loss program that you are currently on.