Mens Health

Up until recently men’s health has not always been talked about or publicised.  A lot of men chose to be ignorant till the issue became so severe that they seeked medical help, often too late.  But due to publicity and raised awareness as well as the increased rates of heart disease, prostate issues etc, men are becoming more proactive with their health issues.

Due to a change in men’s roles, where often they are both working as well as playing a large role in their children’s lives, time for maintaining a balanced healthy lifestyle is not always achievable.

Stress, diet and exercise are a major factor when it comes to men’s health.

So why would treating the lymphatic system assist in achieving a balanced health lifestyle?

Simply put it’s your immune system.  If the lymphatic system isn’t functioning correctly neither will your immunity.

Below we look at some conditions and their relationship with the lymphatic system.


Heart Conditions

Digestive Health